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The Free State of Saxony's liaison office in Prague

Collage: Tschechische und sächsische Flaggen und die Außenansicht des Gebäude.
The Free State of Saxony's liaison office in Prague  © Fahne Sachsen: Martina Berg /

Our work with the Czechs has developed outstandingly over the last 20 years, following signature of the Joint Declaration by both countries' Minister-Presidents in 1992. The Saxon liaison office in Prague builds on this co-operation, intensifying relations.

The office strives to showcase Saxony in the Czech Republic, presenting the Free State's many facets in terms of education and youth work, culture, science, the environment, social involvement by associations and institutions, networks, business and tourism with a direct, on-site presence. Its aim is to forge new contacts, start up joint projects and keep promoting exchange and dialogue. The Saxon liaison office serves as your point of contact for all these matters in Prague.

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