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Duties, Responsibilities

The State Chancellery assists the head of government in the following areas:

  • Basic issues relating to the federal and State constitution within the Minister-President's legal jurisdiction as per Article 63 Para. 1 of the Saxon State Constitution, and assessing the constitutionality of enacted laws as part of the Minister-President's counter-signature in accordance with Article 76 Para. 1 Clause 1 of the Saxon State Constitution,
  • Helping the Minister-President determine policy regulations, co-ordinating portfolios,
  • Clemency matters, insofar as the Minister-President has jurisdiction over these,
  • Basic issues relating to the State territory and its subdivision,
  • The State coat of arms, flag-flying matters, matters of order,
  • Protocol matters, consular matters,
  • Promulgation of laws and statutory ordinances, electronic State law (REVOSax),
  • Basic issues of State administration,
  • Dealings with the Landtag (State parliament),
  • General relations with the European Union, federal government and other countries,
  • General European Union matters,
  • Co-ordinating regional partnerships and international relations,
  • Representing the Free State of Saxony in dealings with the federal government in Berlin and the Saxon liaison office in Brussels,
  • Saxony's liaison offices in Prague and Wrocław,
  • Print media, online media, radio, other media, film funding,
  • Issues of principle, as well as co-ordinating media relations and PR, the State government's image,
  • Issues of principle relating to demographic development and the migration policy,
  • Co-ordinating the State government's funding policy, political subsidy control,
  • Issues of principle relating to federal Church law and the nation's fundamental contractual relations with Churches and other public-law religious communities,
  • Strategic HR management.
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