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Government Spokesman

Government Spokesman Ralph Schreiber

Regierungssprecher Ralph Schreiber Portraitfoto © Sächsische Staatskanzlei / Jürgen Jeibmann

Ralph Schreiber was born in Dresden on March 8, 1971.

Professional background

On August 1, 2017, he became government spokesperson for the Free State of Saxony. The 46-year-old can boast long-time experience in media and public relations: After 10 years as the press spokesperson for the Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, his most recent position was as head of the media department and spokesperson for the Saxon State Chancellery.

Ralph Schreiber began his career at the Saxon State Parliament, where he has served as parliamentary advisor for EU policy, culture and media. He then became the press relations officer and deputy press spokesperson of the CDU party in the parliament. Before moving to the Saxon State Chancellery in 2004, Schreiber worked under then-Minister-President Georg Milbradt as the spokesperson for the Saxon Union and office manager of the general secretary, starting in 2003. Following his role in the State Chancellery, he was seconded to the Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection as manager of the media and public relations department, where his responsibilities included the »Stop violence against children« campaign that won the PolitikAward in 2008.

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Government Spokesman

Ralph Schreiber

Visiting address:
Archivstraße 1
01097 Dresden

Phone: 0351 564-1300

Telefax: 0351 564-1309


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